Hospital Bed


Immerse your learners in realistic AI-powered Digital Human simulations, rapidly create custom content, and gain critical performance insights.
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Fully Conversational

Our award winning artificial intelligence and voice technology enables learners to simply speak to their digital humans as they would real patients in the clinical environment, all in their browser.



Photorealistic patient avatars from all age groups, each with unique voices, accents and personality traits, providing you with the most realistic experience possible.

Guided Virtual Tuition

Your tutor guides you through the management of your patient, giving you the chance to convey your findings as you would to a senior colleague, from physical examination, ordering tests, and formulating a management plan.

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Combine Learning Experiences

Our robust learning management system allows educators to pair video lessons with interactive virtual human encounters, enabling learners to put theory into practice all in one sitting.




Your tutor dashboard displays individual learner statistics and aggregated performance insights for your cohort, from learner engagement to percentages of must-ask history questions or tests that are most commonly missed.


Enable remote experiential training for your organization today.