AI-powered clinical learning 

Clinical training & assessment using voice-driven simulated virtual patients with instant feedback.

Trusted by Leading Organisations

Learners immersed in the world’s first medical online course platform with AI-based simulations.

On Demand

Access self-paced experiential learning with completion certificates.

Clinic & Classroom

Level up with expert-curated videos and simulations all on one platform.

Increased Retention

Retained information is rapidly lost if not quickly applied in practice.

Instant Feedback

Receive instant, AI-driven feedback from your virtual clinical tutor.

A Clinical Flight Simulator

Fully Conversational 

Virtual patients

Engage in voice (or text) based simulated video calls with patient avatars experiencing a wide range of symptoms and diagnoses. Watch yourself live and perfect your “Webside Manner”.

Instant Feedback

Get instant feedback from your tutor across the entire patient journey, from eliciting the patient history to formulating your management plan.

Medical Institutions

Scale face-to-face training with cost-effective, life-like patient simulations, providing standardized clinical exposure in line with curriculum outcomes, and a more personalised learning experience through dashboard insights.

"As a Medical Student training in a Pandemic, Recourse Medical has provided a brilliant opportunity for me to practice taking histories whilst teaching me about patient management - all in a very student-friendly and exam-oriented way"

Justin Wilson, 4th Year Medical Student

Learners love it. So will yours.

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